May 29, 2012

Birds 1

At last the summer came in Vancouver on weekends. Yesterday I was walking in the Burnaby Mountain park.  The weather was sunny and I enjoyed it. I was trying to find birds to take pictures with them while my husband was reading a book. Finding birds was not easy because they hid in tall trees; nevertheless, I made some pictures.
Since I could take pictures from far, so I cropped them to see birds closer. As a result, noises  appeared  on some photos. I tried to fix it, so the result you can see below. Please, tell me what you think.

I don't know how they are called except  the Great Tit (Синицы) . If you know, please share with me.

American Robin (Странствующий Дрозд)

American Robin (Странствующий Дрозд)

May 23, 2012

Roses 1

While it's cold in Vancouver again, I've wanted to find a small piece of summer. I remembered  roses that I was taken in August last year. It was one of the first my experience with my new camera then. I started to learn how to use it with different settings, so some pictures a little exposed. Anyway I decided to show them to you.

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May 15, 2012

University of British Columbia

Like everyone, I don't want to stay at home on weekends, so my husband and I decided to go for a walk and depart to University of British Columbia (UBC) where he studied. The campus is very beautiful. There are some buildings in a different style; I'm going to show you some of them right now.

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May 14, 2012

Biodiversity Museum

There are some museums on the campus of  University of British Columbia , which everyone can visit. So, last weekend I decided to visit one of them. I chose the Biodiversity museum. The reason was that I bought the tickets to go there with discount. :) Now you'll see a few pictures from this museum  where are located different collections of birds, fish, plants and so on.

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At first, of course, the blue whale skeleton attracted my attention because it's the largest animal in the world ever existed.