Nov 7, 2013

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Usually, I don't write much in my posts, but this time I decided to share my opinion and information that I have about the place I visited. Maybe it will be useful for someone.

Because we moved from British Columbia to Ontario, we found an opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. I had always wanted to go there and here we are. It is an amazing place created by mother nature. You see there how the water is powerful. By the way, the rainbow appears very often that gives more charm to the falls.

Also now there are many other attractions on a different taste. In one word, it is a tourist place. In a hotel we got a brochure with coupons to various attractions,gift shops and even for free parking. Usually if you are more close to the falls, it is more expensive parking. The closest one costs $18, that is a little further $5 for an hour. However, you can find a free parking;  you just need a walk a little.

We were going to Niagara Falls for the weekend in the beginning of the November 2013. The weather already was a little cold and first day was raining a lot. However, we were lucky because tonight the rain stopped and the next day was sunny. Anyway, we found what we would do while it was raining. We visited the Butterfly Conservatory where we watched different colourful butterflies in a different size. I was amazed and was ready be there all day long. Maybe I show some of the pics of butterflies in the next post. At the evening we walked near the biggest fall named Horseshoe Falls and enjoyed different colour of illumination on them.

By the way, if you want to go a few places, it is better to buy the wonder pass on the internet. It includes  the Butterfly ConservatoryJourney Behind the Falls, and Niagara's Fury. From October 25 to April 30 the pass costs $19.95 for one person without taxes. Also a very nice place, I think, is the Bird Kingdom, but we didn't have time to visit it. The gate price is $16.95 without tax, but you can use a coupon that give you a discount $2. You can print it from the website or take it from the brochure at a hotel. However, if you buy the ticket online, it costs $13 without tax.

 If you buy every attraction separately, it is very costly. For example,
                Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory costs $13.50 without tax. Hours of work is 10am-5pm.
                Journey Behind the Falls costs $15.95 without tax. It works during 9am-8pm  but 9am-6pm on Sunday.
                Niagara's Fury costs $13.50 without tax.

Be honest, I wasn't like much Niagara's Fury. If it wasn't included to our pass ticket, I wouldn't go. When you come there, they give you a raincoat. You watched a short animation how the falls were created. Then you are going to a separated room and they imitate a boat shaking it a little, and on the monitor around you you will see a video as you are going on the boat. Sometimes they splash water to make you feel like you on the boat. The size of the monitor is  a half of the wall and you cannot imagine completely that you are on the boat. Overall, I am not impressed at all.

Journey Behind the Falls was nice. You go on the elevator to very foot of the falls where from an observation desk you will see the massive water flow. Also there are a tunnel but not so long with two windows to water flow. It is up to you how much time you will spend there because in fact you will be there just on the observation desk.

It was a pretty enjoyable trip. I hope to go there one more time in summer.

The Falls at Night

Nov 6, 2013

Oct 5, 2013

Badlands National Park, South Dakota - Part 2

Our nature is so amazing and I am happy to have a chance to see some parts of our world and share my photos with you. As I said in my previous post, I would like to continue with Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Here you see quite unusual yellow mounts located there. There are so amazing. One more part of the pics from there is in part 3.

Sep 2, 2013

Badlands National Park, South Dakota - Part 1

The next state we visited when we were in USA was South Dakota. We stayed there at night in a pretty famous small american town Deadwood and visited the one of the amazing places I have ever been, the Badlands National Park. It consists from sharply eroded buttes, spires, and pinnacles. 

In next three posts  I would like to show photos from the national park. I divided the post about the park on three parts because of two reasons. First of all, I have too many photos from there :)  And,  the second reason is  some variety in the colour of  mounds. I would even say that photos in the part 2 and 3 maybe are more adorable. It would be great to hear your opinion too.

By the way, if you plan to visit the park, the ticket costs just $15. 

Aug 19, 2013

State of Montana, USA

The next state  where we also stayed at a hotel is Montana. The hotel is called the La Quinta Butte. It is a pretty and clean place with the continental breakfast. They have a small room for a gym; anyway, it is better than nothing. We came to the hotel late at night, about 3 a.m. of the local time and were very tired. So, for us it was pretty good.

The nature of the state is also diverse.There are some of the photos.

Aug 13, 2013

State of Washington, USA

In July this year, we were driving through US from Vancouver, British Columbia to London, Ontario. The trip was pretty interesting. US has a pretty diverse nature from a state to a state. First state where we were going through was Washington. In fact, we spent all day long and even more on the road before staying at a hotel located in a next state on our way. I'll show you the photos of other states in my next posts; right now it is about Washington.

We made a stop near the wild horses monument located near Vantage (you can see the photos of them here). It is the amazing view from there: the blue-blue river with a long bridge. By the way, when I got out of the car, I was surprised of so hot weather. Thanks to our conditioner in the car :) Also, there was such a blinding glare for us (if compare with Vancouver I guess :)) that when we tried to make  pictures of us we cannot to do that without sun glasses. Here are photos of the state.

Jul 31, 2013

Grouse Mountain

In July we with our friends visited Grouse Mountain located in North Vancouver, one of the beautiful places of  British Columbia.

Mar 30, 2013

Spring came to Vancouver

What a wonderful time after winter! Already third day it gets warmer and sunny here. Some trees are already in blossom.