Apr 22, 2012

Squirrels 1

Last summer I eventually understood that I really love to take pictures. I very often went for a hike, and I liked to take a camera with me and take different pictures of nature. I replaced my simple hand-held camera with the semi-professional camera. Then I started to learn more about  how to take the photo and study Photoshop on my own. However, when you study by yourself, sometimes it's difficult to notice what you're doing wrong and find the way to correct it. As a result, I've decided to write this blog in the hope of getting feedback and advice from you about my work. Any comments are welcome :). I'm just an amateur in photography but want to be able to do it well.

For my first post I've chosen some pictures with squirrels that I took recently. There are many squirrels in Vancouver, which was a surprise for me when I came here. Before coming to Canada, I saw squirrels just in a Russian zoo and didn't know that squirrels (and especially raccoons) can go on the streets or parks.

Moreover, I'd never seen black squirrels before coming to Canada. Here is some of them. 

These pictures were taken in Stanley park, one of the most beautiful parks in Vancouver.

These pictures were taken in the park near my home in Vancouver. (I know that the squirrel in the picture above is not in the focus, but I like this photo.)


  1. Огого белочки)))бегемотики просто)

  2. Big shots, & i guess shots in forest r more beautiful than others !

    Good work Olga.