Aug 13, 2013

State of Washington, USA

In July this year, we were driving through US from Vancouver, British Columbia to London, Ontario. The trip was pretty interesting. US has a pretty diverse nature from a state to a state. First state where we were going through was Washington. In fact, we spent all day long and even more on the road before staying at a hotel located in a next state on our way. I'll show you the photos of other states in my next posts; right now it is about Washington.

We made a stop near the wild horses monument located near Vantage (you can see the photos of them here). It is the amazing view from there: the blue-blue river with a long bridge. By the way, when I got out of the car, I was surprised of so hot weather. Thanks to our conditioner in the car :) Also, there was such a blinding glare for us (if compare with Vancouver I guess :)) that when we tried to make  pictures of us we cannot to do that without sun glasses. Here are photos of the state.


The view near the Wild Horses Monument

Wild Horses Monument


  1. It looks very beautiful. The view from the wild horses monument is amazing: you took some great photos! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from other American states.