Apr 10, 2014

Yellowstone National Park: Mammoth Hot Springs

We were moving back to British Columbia from Ontario and visited on our way a few places in US. One of the interesting places that recently caught attention thousands of people is Yellowstone National Park. Although we were not so lucky with the weather, it was pretty nice to see different colorful formations.

We were there at night on March 29-30. That day in the morning it was earthquake magnitude 4.8 and we were sleeping when it happened. I read that this earthquake was the strongest one since 1980.

The pass ticket to the park costs $25.

I was surprised that many bison walk near buildings in Mammoth Country. It is supposed to be wild animal anyway and I don’t how local people deal with this.  There are also many elks and mule deer. Also we saw bighorn sheep.

In this time of year there are many parts of roads closed at the park and it is understandable. You would see the weather!  The visibility was very bad because of the snow. One of the opened ones was Hot Springs in Mammoth.

There is many discussion about this place lately because of the supervolcano located right there. Especially after some video with running animals that was posted on the internet in the middle of March.  As you can see my photos, animals go nowhere.  If you have some comments related to this topic, please feel free to leave them.



  1. They are amazing photos: Alex and I enjoyed them :) I particularly like the photos of the bison. It is a strange coincidence that you were there for the earthquake: I am glad you were OK.

    1. Thank Kathryn. Yeah, it is so unusual for us. I've never experienced the earthquake before.